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Mar. 8, 2011

I know I have been in this trade / business for almost forty years, had relatives in the business as I was growing up, so I know. We couldn't even remain in business very long at their rates. On the other hand, we also have GREAT warranty companies out there, we recently have replaced entire HVAC systems as they were in fact non repairable, replaced complete furnaces, and condensing units as needed. In each and every one of these the customer only paid the deductible averaging some $70. 00. I wish I could say which ones are good and which ones to stay away from, but, I simply do not have a budget that can carry a full legal staff to defend these facts, or fight the bad ones when they came after me.

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Feb. 24, 2011

That being said, when I bought my first home it was great to have a home warranty.

It will detail which costs you are responsible for.

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However, this last claim of a leaking kitchen faucet was denied, stating the fault was due to installation.
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